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Huge Gallery Update – Photoshoots

I’ve updated the gallery with a ton of new HQ photoshoots of Paul spanning from the 90’s up until recent years. Sadly, I have no idea the actual years they are from, so the albums are in no apparent order. Quite a few of the new photoshoots I had never seen, so I hope some of you are seeing them for the first time as well. I have also replaced a bunch of old images that we already had in the gallery with high quality versions. Hope y’all enjoy looking back at Paul over the years.


6 comments on “Huge Gallery Update – Photoshoots”

  1. Lilian Nauss says:

    I loved all of these photos and I saved alot on my phone got my background wallpaper. I also would like to see done of Paul wroth hits sweety daughter and maybe done of his other fans would also like that. Lillian KATT, Nauss

  2. Kalii says:

    Great post! Loving all of these updates. Keep them coming, please 🙂 <3

  3. NEDA says:

    Paul was the nicest actor. I loved him and his movies. he is always alive
    for me.

  4. Viki says:

    Hey hon, the pictures that are in the memorial banner where are they from? I’ve tried looking in the gallery but I can’t see them.

    Thanks Viki xxx

      1. Viki says:

        Aww thank you so much.

        Still can’t believe he’s gone 🙁

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