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Before his death, Paul Walker said he liked being a risk-taker

Late actor Paul Walker, who was popular for his daredevilry acts in movies, liked to live on the edge.

The Fast And Furious star, who died in November 2013 following a car accident, was quizzed on being a risk taker before his death, said a statement.

“I think it’s one of those things where there’s that fine line, and you’re trying to find the balance of being in control-but you’re really not in control. The way I explain it is, you know that feeling when you’ve come close to getting in a car accident?”

“Your heart’s pounding because you just evaded it! It’s that moment of being fearful and then realising everything is okay, with your heart racing a mile a minute. It’s like, I’m definitely alive now. I love that,” said Walker.

Walker will soon thrill his fans with his last complete film Brick Mansions.

The film will hit [the Indian] screens on April 25.


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  1. I guess Paul’s request to have his mum be guardian of his only heiress fell through. Maybe this is for the sake of his daughter’s safety and making sure she would not be duped by unscrupulous parties.
    However she is a pretty smart 15year old and Paul may not have married her mother but he remained good friends with her.
    Only time will if his daughter made it good in life! Just pray she will be better than late MJ’s daughter. Being the children of celebs can be very traumatic especially being young and with such a challenging environment!

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