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Meadow Walker Hits the Ramp

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has signed up with the modeling agency Women Management.

The 18 year old signed her contract and she’s all set to become a model. Meadow has just five photos on Instagram and yet 1.1 million followers on her account.

Meadow has been making sure that her father’s legacy remains intact. It would have been Paul’s 42nd birthday this year and she launched the Paul Walker Foundation. The aim of this project is to provide funds for people that work in the field of marine science.

According to sources, Meadow explained why she had started a funding organisation specifically focusing on marine science, stating, “Dad was in awe of the ocean and wanted to see it protected.”

Last year, Meadow was granted a settlement of $10.1 million by the Roger Rodas estate. Roger Rodas was the one driving during Paul Walker’s tragic accident. Meadow have won her lawsuit filed against Porsche as her father Paul Walker died in a Porsche Carrera GT.

Previously, a judge stated that they didn’t find the company guilty for a separate case that the Rodas’s family had brought into the court.