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Moving Hosts

Hey all!

I just wanted to post quickly and let you know we are moving hosts so if you see any broken links or have issues with the site, hopefully everything will be fixed soon!

Add ‘Fate of the Furious’ to the Gallery Section?

Hi guys!

So, I work on the website and because I love Paul and the Fast & Furious movies, I run that gallery over there. I capped Fate of the Furious when it came out on bluray and I’m just wondering if you guys would like to see the screencaps in the gallery here. Normally, I would not include them because Paul can no longer be in the movies, but since it’s part of his legacy and the Fast Family is his family, I thought I’d ask for your opinions and see if you guys would like to see the images here in our gallery.

Please take a second to vote in the poll below. Thank you.

Add Fate of the Furious to gallery section?

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Video Archive Back Up!

Hey all!

I’ve moved the video archive to the main site now, using a new plugin. I’m not completely happy with the way everything looks, but at least you can actually view the videos again. I hope to continue adding more videos soon.

Merry Christmas 2015


The staff here at Remembering Paul Walker would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Video Archive is Now Online!

Hey everyone!

The video archive is now online! There aren’t many videos added yet, but I plan on filling it with tons and tons of videos of Paul relating to movie projects, interviews, and much much more. Feel free to check it out soon, and I’ve also added brand new layouts on the main site and gallery to match the video archive. Hope you all enjoy reminiscing!