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Taking Submissions for Tribute Section

I know this is a tough time for us all to think about Paul, let alone watch him in his movies… but I know a lot of us also are feeling inspired and are moved to make something in memorium of Paul… Whether it be a poem, some type of fanart, a tribute video, whatever it is, if you would like to submit it to this site, I am currently starting to work on a big tribute to Paul section on the site. I would love to add absolutely anything and everything from fellow fans.

If you are interested in submitting anything, please email it to me with the subject line “Tribute Submission”. Also, please let me know how/if you’d like to be credited, whether it be just an email address or a website URL or if you wish to remain anonymous.


10 comments on “Taking Submissions for Tribute Section”

  1. Paul you will forever be in my heart and I’ll keep tippy forever in my heart. I’m g gonna miss too in the fast and furious 7 movie.It won’t be the same with yo, u not in it, but I’m still gonna buy it when it comes out.I’m now gonna get all the others and I’ll keep them forever. I love you and miss and will always and forever be a huge fan of yours.LOL, Lillian ( KATT).Nauss

  2. NEDA says:

    If you were here you knew and saw it, why I’m mad because you are not and the distance between you and us, away from the sky and the sea.
    What did you think at your last breaths, my hero.
    How did you feel at last moment, my hero.
    I wish you did not leave us .
    The world lost an unbeatable man.
    I know you are in heaven today and you’re smiling.
    You Will Be a hero forever . You Will Be our love forever.
    Dedicated to my dear Paul.

  3. NEDA says:

    My Dear Paul
    I wish you resurrected Brian O’Conner again. you was a sky of love and faith.
    you was a world of love and kindness.
    when you went, love and kindness went.

  4. Chantel says:

    I live in south-africa so I never got the privilege to meet him in even see in reel life

    Its sad and scary toe see how some people react toe he’s death .
    I loved he’s moves
    I love he’s stile
    Its sad and unbelievable

    RIP Paul/Brain
    Love you forever

  5. DARLENE says:

    Dear Walker Family, I would just like to say i’m so sad to hear about Paul’s death,it crushed my heart.Paul will always be in my heart and the greatest actors in my life,i have to say my heart goes out to all his family members.Paul will be greatly missed by all,i just wish you all the best my heart goes out to you all for your lose,just remember he’s in heaven watching over all of us now.God Bless you all your all in my prayers.

  6. I think playing all of Paul Walkers, fast and furious movies would make a wonderful tribute to him also. If you or anyone else likes this idea, it would be wonderful. Lillian Nauss.

  7. anna says:

    hi im anna
    paul fan from australia
    i made myself a nice paul walker fan forums page
    im still updating

    1. Courtney says:

      your link wasn’t working, I have updated it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. anna says:

    here is my fan page i made
    its open for all paul fans

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